McKinley Avenue Elementary School
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Administrative Staff


Gabriela Rodriguez

Assistant Principal

Latryce Joyner-Jackson

Assistant Principal, EIS

Yamilet Vargas

Instructional Team


Elizabeth Louis, Cat. Prog. Advisor

Ernest Cherriokee, TSP Advisor

Jeanie Lee, T3 Coach

Support Team

School Administrative Assistant

Zelma Molina

Plant Manager

Charles Garnett

Cafeteria Manager

Maria Ayestas

School Nurse

Melba Gan

School Psychologist

Yiwen Zhu

PSA Counselors

Michael McClure

Kelvin Piazza



McKinley Avenue Elementary has a variety of programs to maximize the instructinal program for our students.


  • SRLDP- School Readiness Language Development Program
  • UCTP/EIS- Urban Classroom Teacher Program/ Extended Instructional Support
  • Drama
  • Theater
  • Chorus Music Program
  • Treasures Reading Program K-6
  • Envision Math
  • Orchard Program


McKinley Avenue Elementary School will produce life long learners that have instilled within them a passion for knowledge, commitment to good citizenship, high personal integrity and an aspiration to reach their maximum potential.  McKinley students will be self-reliant in their thinking, motivation, and will contribute positively to their community and society.


McKinley Avenue Elementary believes in the equal worth and potential of all students. We take a proactive approach to reversing historical achievement gaps through a genuine belief that all students can learn. By providing a nurturing, motivatng, and academically rigorous  environment, Mckinley fosters academic excellence.  We embrace cultural diversity as a source of pride and strengh. Students are empowered with knowledge, high expectations, discipline, and critical thinking skills. This will not only produce rational thinkers, but also moral agents that can live a purposeful life.