McKinley Avenue Elementary School
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Administrative Staff


Tanya Stokes-Mack

Assistant Principal

Latryce Joyner-Jackson

Assistant Principal, EIS

Timothy Tobin

Instructional Team


Jeanie Chapel, Cat. Prog. Adv.

Chandalyn Jones, TSP Advisor

Elesia Watkins, Instructional Coach

Support Team

School Administrative Assistant

Zelma Molina

Plant Manager

Charles Garnett

Cafeteria Manager

Maria Ayestas

School Nurse

Melba Gan

School Psychologist

Yiwen Zhu

PSA Counselors

Michael McClure

Kelvin Piazza

Welcome to McKinley Avenue

Principal's Message


Welcome to McKinley Avenue Elementary School.  Our school is a place where students and their learning come first.  All stakeholders work as a community in a unique partnership focused on providing a rigorous education for all our students.  Collaboration, best practices and clear expectations will continue to guide us to continued success.

Tanya Stokes-Mack


Career Day 2010

Our Theme Presenters Presenters The Administrator Team ROTC Flag Salute Cheerleaders Cheerleaders Cheerleaders Cheerleaders Dancers Dancers Dancers Dancers Our future Jobs Chef Fitness Trainer Fitness Trainer Fitness Trainer Fitness Trainer Fitness Trainer Mail Carrier Metro Rail Police K-9 Unit Real Estate Agents Twins Thank You!!!! Career Day 2010 Committee
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McKinley Avenue Elementary School will produce life long learners that have instilled within them a passion for knowledge, commitment to good citizenship, high personal integrity and an aspiration to reach their maximum potential.  McKinley students will be self-reliant in their thinking, motivation, and will contribute positively to their community and society.


McKinley Avenue Elementary believes in the equal worth and potential of all students. We take a proactive approach to reversing historical achievement gaps through a genuine belief that all students can learn. By providing a nurturing, motivatng, and academically rigorous  environment, Mckinley fosters academic excellence.  We embrace cultural diversity as a source of pride and strengh. Students are empowered with knowledge, high expectations, discipline, and critical thinking skills. This will not only produce rational thinkers, but also moral agents that can live a purposeful life.

Spelling Bee 2010

Audience The Judges Our Stage Presenters Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Mulka Parents 3rd Grade 3rd Grade First Palce Valerie Quijano 4rth Grade 4rth Grade First Place Francis Mejia
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