McKinley Avenue Elementary School
Mr. Estrada

Computer Lab

The Program

  • Orchard Program Orchard Software provides targeted instruction in math, reading, writing, language arts, and science for grades K-9. Combining formative and benchmark assessments aligned with state standards, motivating instruction, and qualitative data reporting, Orchard Software is the preferred choice for thousands of schools across the country looking to improve AYP. Orchard Software provides schools with a powerful solution that enables educators to adapt and deliver both individualized and whole class instruction that meets the needs of all students, including ELL learners and those with special needs. Orchard has proven effective in helping teachers differentiate instruction in multilevel classes and provides flexible pricing and scalability so that any classroom, school, or district can implement and take advantage of Orchard’s research-based and motivating content.

    Targeted Instruction Orchard’s blend of research-based teaching techniques, including skill builders, critical concepts, and learning games, provide instruction, practice, and review of master skills.

  • Assessment for the State Students take a short test, which places them in the appropriate Skill Trees. These assessments are correlated to each state’s standards and enable teachers to target instruction to students’ individual needs.

  • Data Management All work is captured in detailed reports to help teachers communicate student growth and make critical, data-driven decisions. In spite of Orchard’s powerful management capabilities, the program is refreshingly intuitive.

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