McKinley Avenue Elementary School

Career Day Spring


Each spring, McKinley invites over 100 guests from our community and beyond to visit our school to discuss a variety of careers.  Guests are greeted with a yummy breakfast and a special welcome assembly on the yard where McKinley students including the chorus and cheerleaders perform.  Winners of the school Career Day Art and Poetry Contests are announced.  Each guest is introduced to the students and staff.  Guests rotate through 3 or 4 classrooms and describe their careers, and students have an opportunity to ask questions.  Demonstrations by mobile careers (firefighters, limo drivers, UPS delivery drivers, etc.) are displayed on the yard for students to observe.  Career Day is concluded with a delicious lunch for all of the guests.  Students complete the day by writing about and discussing their favorite careers seen throughout the day.

Career Day 2010

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Career Day 2008-09

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